Different options bring additional features to AIR³. By definition, an option is not necessary. You can find all options here: https://shop.fly-air3.com/shop/category/air3-19

AIR³ textile

Designed with specific features for the flight.




Speedarm with high quality material ideally designed for flight: radio pocket, retractable stylus, kangaroo pockets

Softshell with high quality material ideally designed for flight: radio pocket, retractable stylus, thin fleece layer


AIR³ Base (s)

The most efficient way to increase readability is to have the screen perpendicular to your eyes.

AIR³ has a high brightness screen. However,  having the screen tilted gives an even better readability, reduce the need for brightness and therefore increase autonomy.

You can use the AIR³ Fabric Base or ABS Base with AIR³ but also with any other flight instrument.

AIR³ Fabric Protector can protect the screen of your AIR³ when you leave it on your cockpit after the flight.

The AIR³ Fabric Base has been designed for AIR³ or any other flight instrument.

AIR³ Paramotor Base has been designed to fix AIR³ on trikes.

AIR³ Hang Gliding Base is the result of using the AIR³ Hang Gliding Combo and the Altair special bracket. To get the Altair special bracket, contact Oleg

AIR³ Metal Base is made of aluminium alloy with a double head articulated arm to position it the way you want.


AIR³ ABS Base is easy set up with one hand to tilt the screen by 33° or 43°.

It is our first version of Base to tilt the instrument. The remaining units can still be used with any AIR³ or instrument by using Velcro loops.


The neoprene cover is often chosen. There is a carrying case delivered with the unit but often pilots prefer the neoprene that is more convenient for transport.

Additional screen protector – Antishock – Antireflex for AIR³. It is made of tempered glass 9H. Very limited light rendering under strong sun light.

AIR³ is provided with a protection film already set on the unit. The optional protection film is available for sale in case you want to replace it.


AIR³ is provided with maps and terrain of the country where the unit is shipped and the neibourghing countries. It is possible for pilots to download from internet (free) additional Roadmaps if they travel abroad. It is also quite easy to add terrain directly within XCTrack.

However, pilots that don’t want to bother with such operation (download, uncompress, copy in the right folder), may want to get an optional 128 Gb SD card (with or without preinstallation of all Terrain of the world directly on the unit) with all the Roadmaps of the world.

AIR³ Antenna for Flarm and Fanet version.

Retractable Stylus whenever using a capacitive device (Smartphone, tablet, AIR³…) with winter gloves.


With AIR³ 7.3, you can use the Pogopin USB cable to directly connect a powerbank to the AIR³ and charge it while flying.